Terms and Conditions



  • Your information is held securely and backed up.
  • All our virtual assistants sign strict confidentiality contracts.
  • All original work will be returned to clients as soon as work is completed, unless otherwise requested.

Payment Terms

  • Our minimum amount of work will accept is at least 10 hours in a week.
  • Pay as you go hourly services: invoices are payable within 7 days of the invoice date. Invoices will be sent by email to the client. Invoices will be sent on a weekly basis.
  • For first time clients, two week advance deposit will be required up front for your first project or set of tasks.

General Terms

  • Consultations and quotations are free and are carried out by email, telephone, or chat.
  • Work can be accepted from the client by email.
  • All work carried out by us will be proof-read, however final proof-reading of the work lies with the client.
  • Should you decide to give your virtual assistant access to your business or even personal accounts, you do so entirely at your own risk, and you are fully responsible for ensuring the security of your data. You will be solely responsible for any loss, liability or violations that might arise as a result of such access.
  • We reserve the right to reject any work which we believe to be unlawful or immoral.

Submitting Virtual Assistant Work

  • All project or work requests should be submitted to our central email contact@jennyannvalenciano.com to assure that we can schedule and track all work. We will acknowledge all work from Monday to Sunday.
  • If you haven’t received an acknowledgement, please call 1(917)-300-3142 or 1(929)-800-4032 and check if we have received the file.
  • All details such as instructions, passwords or materials should be submitted at time of submission.We will not schedule work until all the materials are received.